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ProTaper Micro Handle Bar Replacement

ProTaper Micro Handle Bar Replacement
ProTaper Micro Handle Bar Replacement
Bend Kit Handlebar Only Color A
(Clamp Area)
(Control Area)
Schoolboy Low 025034 025039 Black 673 75 51 137 42 175
Schoolboy Pro 025035 025040 Black 699 79 72 145 46 174
Schoolboy High 025036 025041 Black 673 85 60 102 40 177
Honda Mini 025037 025042 Black 686 114 89 166 45 173
KTM50 025038 025043 Black 648 80 72 157 44 169
Cobra Jr. 025063 025065 Black 664 84 55 146 45 157
Cobra Sr. 025064 025066 Black 712 88 55 146 52 181

Share it:The ProTaper Micro Handlebar kit was designed to revolutionize the way youth riders control their off-road motorcycles. By employing recent advances in manufacturing techniques, ProTaper has innovated a handlebar conversion kit that offers a reduced diameter handlebar for youth riders to better grasp while riding and racing. By reducing the hand-hold area, youth riders can now grasp the reduced size grip the same way an adult rider grasps traditionally sized grips. This gains more control, drastically reduces fatigue, and ultimately gives younger riders the opportunity to ride and race to their full ability. The unique design of the Micro handlebar utilizes an advanced, abrupt-taper, to give it a smaller diameter in the hand-hold areas while still maintaining a 7/8” diameter throughout the clamping and control areas; making it simple to directly install onto any make or model 2-stroke mini cycle of 85cc and smaller. Kit comes complete with all necessary parts to complete conversion.

Please contact us at Pax Racing with any special requests and special orders. 

  • Model: 0250
  • Weight: 1.50lb
  • Dimensions: 29.00in x 8.00in x 3.00in

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