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Piston KTM 50 Modified 60cc (Teflon/Molybdenum) Coated

Piston KTM 50 Modified 60cc (Teflon/Molybdenum) Coated
Piston KTM 50 Modified 60cc (Teflon/Molybdenum) Coated

High-silicon content Hypereutectic cast aluminum material for less heat expansion, tighter clearances, increased hardness, longer life and reduced scuffing
*Features machined, smooth piston crowns for reduced carbon buildup, increased horsepower and fuel economy
*Hard anodized crowns are 75% stronger than non-anodized, providing minimal expansion and reducing the chance of cold seizures when combined with Teflon/Molybdenum coated skirts
*MOS2 (Teflon/Molybdenum) coated skirts perform at the highest standards, reducing friction and heat for added power and longevity

60cc Big Bore piston Kit With Cut Skirt (Cut Skirt option 1) - With the piston having the skirt cut this will alow you to run a 60cc motor without splitting the cases. This has not always been possible to do a 60cc conversion unless you split the cases and made modifications to your cases alowing the piston to fit down into the cases.

60cc Big Bore piston Kit Standard (not Cut option 2) - With our standard piston this is to be used when your cases have been machined internally once before.

Also available with boost hole cut out
it comes with Piston, Rings, 2 Clips, and pin

*********You will need to bore and re-chrome your cylinder to the new 43.4mm in size, Port cylinder to correct 60cc port specs, reshape Head dome for to except larger piston size

*********We have cylinders already bored and re-cromed ready for exchange purposes if need please let us know. Additional cost

Please contact us at Pax Racing with any special requests and special orders. 

  • Model: KTM50/60CTP
  • Weight: 0.50lb
  • Dimensions: 3.00in x 3.00in x 3.00in

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