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Handlebars & Controls

Brand: ProTaper Model: FAMU0016
Cobra 50 Protaper Micro ThrottleCobra Part Number: FAMU0016Years: Bikes: CX50 JR,CX50 P3..
Model: FCMU0021
Cobra 50 / 65 Throttle Cover - RubberCobra Part Number: FCMU0021Years: Bikes: CX50JR, CX50 P3..
Brand: Cobra Motorcycle Model: FCMU0033
Cobra 50 Kill SwitchCobra Part Number: FCMU0033Years: Bikes: CX50 JR, CX50 P3..
ACCESSORY Cobra 50 ProTaper Micro Handle Bar Kit - JR / P3 (FKMU0007)
Out of Stock
Model: FKMU0007
Cobra 50 ProTaper Micro Handle Bar Kit - JR / P3Cobra Part Number: FKMU0007Years: Bikes: CX50 JR, CX50 P3..
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